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Earning Academic Credit - Internships

 While credit is not available in all programs, students may receive 1 – 12 credits for their internship in majors that offer credit; 1 credit per 3 hours of work per week for a 10 week term.

Students sign up for courses with 410 numbers for undergraduate majors, and 510 for graduate-level programs. Students must obtain approval from academic advisors, who ensure the internship is related to their majors.  Your advisor will also inform you of any other requirements related to your major.

Students can sign up for on campus internships, such as with ASOSU, by registering for ALS 410. If students are interested in an off-campus internship that is not related to their major they can ask if a department related to the internship experience would be willing to assist them in receiving 410 Internship credit.

For more information, please contact your academic advisor or Career Services at 541-737-4085.

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