To address Oregon's evolving natural resource management challenges and opportunities, INR is home to, or serves as a representative of, a number of core programs:


Policy Research Program Icon Link

Bringing the capacities of the Oregon University System to Oregonians through policy research, analysis and evaluation about complex, interdisciplinary natural resource issues.

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 Oregon Biodiversity Information Center Icon Link

Housing and maintaining Oregon's most comprehensive database on rare, threatened, endangered, and invasive species throughout Oregon in support of biodiversity conservation and informed decision-making.

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 Oregon Explorer Icon Link

Empowering people to share their information with others in order to create and build shared understanding about Oregon's natural resource and environmental issues, problems, and opportunities and to build community networks.

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 Landscape Assessment and Mapping Program Icon Link

Providing a decision support framework and integrated landscape level data and tools to help natural resource managers and decision-makers make the best use of available information.

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 Oregon Natural Areas Program Icon Link

Ensuring that a comprehensive network of lands representing each of Oregon's ecosystems is available for research and education.

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 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Icon Link

Providing research, technical assistance, and education to federal land managers, environmental and research agencies, and their potential partners to address critical natural and cultural resource management and stewardship issues.

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